CREATE has been awarded a new KIEM-grant: “METABOTNIK”. Is the Medium really the Message? Het internet met zijn hyperlinks lijkt informatie te bevrijden van de beperkingen van traditionele media zoals het boek. In werkelijkheid werken de hyperlinks als een nieuw keurslijf dat de gebruiker keuzesREAD MORE

CREATE has been awarded a new KIEM-grant: “Data-Driven Film History: a demonstrator of EYE’s Jean Desmet collection”. The project’s aim is to develop a demonstrator tool which will allow for the visualization of links between four unique collections associated with film distributor and exhibitor JeanREAD MORE

On 1 July the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded 12 million euros to CLARIAH, a consortium of Humanities research institutes. CLARIAH intends to develop a digital infrastructure that combines diverse data sets and software tools from various humanities’ disciplines. Three disciplines formREAD MORE

Over the last two decades, text-mining became part and parcel of many academic disciplines, but largely failed to have a fundamental scholarly impact on History. Admittedly, Digital History (and its methods) is gaining traction, but the historical mainstream remains overall unimpressed by the enthusiasm ofREAD MORE

“High time for time travel!” Between all the data on historical Amsterdam that is digitally available and the expertise of researchers, computer and information scientists, and heritage professionals, it must be possible to develop a time machine with which we can walk the streets ofREAD MORE

Studying Performing Arts Across Borders: Towards a European Performing Arts Dataverse (EPAD). A network of scholars investigating the history of European performing arts (theatre, music, cinema) using digital methods and datasets. The aim of international cooperation is driven by two interconnected aims: a technical-infrastructural purpose, facilitatingREAD MORE