The Amsterdam Time Machine (ATM) is public research resource on the history of Amsterdam.

The Cinema Context database is a historical data collection for cinema culture, which informs us about the fundamentals of film culture: films, cinemas, people and companies. Cinema Context contains records of all cinemas that have existed in the Netherlands since 1900.

CLARIAH (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) is a distributed research infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences.

The Cultural Analytics Lab (CANAL) is a cross-faculty lab at the University of Amsterdam with the mission to co-develop and co-research culturally-aware AI methods from a perspective that is both critical and ethical.

TwiXL is an infrastructure for cross-media research. It focuses on developing an infrastructure that enables SSH researchers to systematically examine current and emerging public debates on crucial societal issues in the Netherlands.

The Library of the University of Amsterdam (UvA Library) has been working together with the CREATE Lab on developing a Linked Open Data (LOD) Pilot, a project aimed towards making research data more sustainable. Combining expertise between developers and researchers, CREATE jointly organises events related to digital cultural heritage such as the Data Sprint (June ’22).

The 4D Research Lab (4DRL) facilitates researchers who have specific spatial and architectural questions coming from the Humanities departments at the University of Amsterdam. The Lab has 3D scanner, drones and specialized software and hardware. The Lab offers computational specialists to support the analysis of transformations in the built environment.

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