Frog POStagger for historical Dutch (Dieuwke Hupkes)

LocLinkVis: a Geographic Information Retrieval-Based System for Large-Scale Exploratory Search (Alex Olieman, Rosa Merino Claros, Jaap Kamps)

‘Data-driven Film History: a Demonstrator of EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection’: Datasets and Colour Visualizations (C.G. Olesen, E. Masson, J. van Gorp, G. Fossati & J. Noordegraaf)

Cinema Parisien 3D. 3D model of the Cinema Parisien theatre in Amsterdam 1910 and database containing sources and process descriptions (Julia Noordegraaf, Loes Opgenhaffen, Norbert Bakker & Ivan Kisjes)

Active Cinemas in Amsterdam, A dynamic map showing the active cinemas in Amsterdam from 1900 to 2006 (Rosa Merino Claros)

Accessing Campscapes, IC-ACCESS considers the genealogies, representations and interpretations of campscapes, as topical for Europe’s political and cultural histories of the last century (technical support: Erik van Zummeren, Ivan Kisjes, 4Dlab and Spinlab (VU))

Freedom of the Streets, Investigating how women navigated the streets of global cities in the past (interface database: Ivan Kisjes)

Cinema Context,