On this page you can find links to all our previous events:

2018 – Salon

CREATE Salon Amsterdam Time Machine

CREATE Salon Historical Events: data models

CREATE Salon ‘heterogeneous archives’

CREATE Salon: Analysing Newspapers In The Digital Humanities

CREATE Salon: Digital presentation and publication

2018 – Digital History Workshop

Digital History Workshop: Coding for the Humanities. A Slow Learning Course

Digital History Workshop

2017 РConference 

Symposium: European Performing Arts Dataverse

2017 – Salon

CREATE Salon – Modeling the Golden Age Creative Industry


Salon: Studying Performing Arts Across Borders: Comparing Music, Theatre and Cinema History

CREATE Salon: Digital Humanities in the Classroom – current practices in Dutch academia

CREATE Salon: Digital Search & Storytelling in History

CREATE Salon: Digitizing the Enlightenment

CREATE Salon on Digital Theatre History


2017 – Digital History Workshop

CREATE Digital History Workshop

Digital History Workshop – Text-Mining

Digital History Workshop: SPARQL

Digital History Workshop: GIS #3 Understanding Settlement Patterns

Digital History Workshop: GIS #2 Mapping Historical Data

Digital History Workshop: GIS #1 From Networks to Maps

2016 – Salon


CREATE Salon – Linked Data

CREATE Salon: Digitised Historical Newspapers

CREATE Salon – Linked Cultural Heritage Data

CREATE Salon – Geocoding Historical Data

CREATE Salon – Digital Research Tools in Cinema History

2016 – Digital History Workshop

Digital History Workshop: Networks #1

Digital History Workshop: Annotations – II

Digital History Workshop: Annotations – I

Digital History Workshop: Data Visualization

2016 – Other activities

Open Data Day – Amsterdam in the Golden Age

ACUH Conference 2016 – Graffiti from Antiquity to the present

2015 – Salon

CREATE Salon – Data Driven Performing Arts Research

CREATE Salon – Historical Text Analysis

CREATE Salon – Historical Datasets: Early Modern Music, Books and Correspondence

CREATE Salon – Text Analytics and Cultural Connections

CREATE Salon – Historical Networks

CREATE Salon – 3D & 4D Modeling (with UvA 4D Research Lab)

CREATE Salon – Performing Arts Data Part II

CREATE Salon – Historical Geodata & Mapping Amsterdam

Create Salon – Performing Arts Data Part I

2014 – Salon

CREATE Salon – New Tools for Historical Research

CREATE Salon – 3D reconstructions and virtual reality

CREATE Salon – NWO KIEM projects