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Date(s) - 16/02/2016
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

eLab: BG1, room 0.16


Digital Research Tools in Cinema History

At this CREATE salon there will be three presentations on the use of digital research tools in cinema history.

Cinema Parisien 3D: 3D modelling as a research tool for cinema history

Julia Noordegraaf, Loes Opgenhaffen & Norbert Bakker

Over the past year and a half, we collaborated on building a 3D visualisation of Cinema Parisien, one of the first permanent cinema theatres in Amsterdam, established in 1910 by cinema owner and distributor Jean Desmet (1875-1956). The project aimed to investigate the affordances of 3D modelling for presenting digital cinema heritage in a comprehensive, evocative form. In addition, it explored the opportunities of 3D visualisation as a research tool for studying the history of cinema. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the final version of the model, explain the research and building process, and reflect on the relevance of 3D visualisation as a tool for the history of cinema-going.

Data-driven Film History: A Demonstrator of EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection

Christian Olesen

In this presentation I will discuss the recently completed KIEM project ‘Data-driven Film History: A Demonstrator of EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection’ focusing on early Dutch cinema distribution and exhibition in the 1910s. In particular, the presentation sheds light on the final demonstrator’s combination of GIS mapping for analysis of film distribution and exhibition patterns with tools for textual analysis of colour features in films. Seeking to combine perspectives from two research traditions in film history which are seldom crossed – socio-economic and stylistic history – the project wished to open and explore a new methodological avenue for research on early cinema. The presentation discusses this combination in a walkthrough of the demonstrator’s interface, considering the development’s different steps from the first ideas to our current reflection on future prospects of combining approaches.

An exploration into using customized OCR software and image processing techniques to automatically read movie listings from newspaper scans.

Ivan Kisjes

In this short presentation I will discuss the possibilities and limitations of using digital techniques to automatically extract data from movie listings in scanned newspapers.