In this Salon (14 Feb, 15:00-17:00)  we’ll explore the exciting field of Automated Historical Text Analysis, with presentations by: Dr. Kaspar Beelen (University of Amsterdam) on his paper ‘Women at Westminster since 1945: have they changed the debate?’ To what extent has the increasing presenceREAD MORE

We’ll explore the exciting field of Visual Analytics in Historical Research, with presentations by: * prof. dr. Marcel Worring (University of Amsterdam) on the project Visual Analytics Approach for the Stylistic History of Painting (VISTORY) * dr. Harm Nijboer (University of Amsterdam/CREATE) on Wikidata andREAD MORE

@ Bungehuis, room 4.01, from 3-5 PM with: Thomas Delpeut MA (UvA): Musical Criticism and Cultural Capitals. Shaping, disseminating and appropriating nineteenth-century musical discourse in Dutch creative cities prof. dr. Joep Leerssen (UvA): Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (ERNiE): cultural repertoires, historical descriptions andREAD MORE

In the 8th CREATE Salon, the topic of historical networks took centre stage. The three presenters all study historical networks in different ways. Jelma van Amersfoort, musician, musicologist and former database developer in the financial sector, views music-historical sources as forms of structured data thatREAD MORE

26 May, 3-5 PM, Bungehuis 401 Jelma van Amersfoort: Rêverie et caprice opus 1: A proof of concept applying social network analysis techniques to musico-historical datasets ( dr. Harm Nijboer (UvA): Historical network analysis and network visualization: people, objects and texts dr. Bart Karstens (UvA):READ MORE

A more elaborate report of our Salon will follow shortly, but for those of you who can’t wait to try out the wonderful apps of Karen Forbes and Marcus Abbott: here you go. Wemyss Caves Visualisation Project (don’t forget to check out the extra’s)  READ MORE

CREATE Salon #3: Tags, tools and transparency On the day that 30 enormous 17th-century Dutch group portraits were brought together for the first time in the exhibition Hollanders van de Gouden Eeuw, the CREATE Salon took place in the historical Vondelzaal at the Singel. InREAD MORE

Dr. Paul Dijstelberge will present Metabotnik. Metabotnik allows scholars to gather a selection of high-resolution image files, add metadata and contextual information, and render a Seadragon compatible gigapixel image ready for use, all while doing so from a web-based tool. Dieuwke Hupkes will discuss part-of-speech tagging of 17th centuryREAD MORE

We are proud to report that, like its historical counterpart, the first of our monthly Salons provided a place of exhibition and conversation, enabling researchers to discuss their work in an informal setting. During the first CREATE Salon on Thursday October 2nd, Harm Nijboer and ChristianREAD MORE