Last week at our Amsterdam Time Machine meet-up, Peer Boselie, city archivist in Sittard, presented AEZEL, a kind of ‘Limburg Time Machine’. Since 1989 the LGGI (Limburgs Genealogisch en Geschiedkundig Informatiecentrum) has been publishing and digitizing research and information on cultural heritage of the Southern Netherlands. SomeREAD MORE

By Mascha van Nieuwkerk Studying opera as a borderless art form has never been as relevant as it is now that the Brexit referendum of June 2016 is having its first direct effects on daily live in Britain. From early British history until the presentREAD MORE

Johannes Vermeer is currently the most renowned Dutch genre painter. Yet he was only one of many artists who excelled in capturing everyday surroundings in exquisite detail. Even though these painters were active in different Dutch cities, their work bears strong similarities in style, subjectREAD MORE

Nature, the international weekly journal of science, reported last month about the creation of time machines. Especially the Venice Time Machine; the ambitious project aims to digitize 1,000 years of Venetian history. Founder Frédéric Kaplan hopes that Venice is just a starting point. The VeniceREAD MORE

The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has granted a PhD-scholarship to our Pre-PhD Fellow Lucas van der Deijl. The project is one of the 20 selected PhD-studies that will be financed from NWO’s fund ‘PhD’s in the Humanities 2017’. Lucas will start his researchREAD MORE

This month’s topic of our CREATE Salon is Digital Search & Storytelling in History: user-technology relations and the affordances of digital (re)search tools. New digital search tools offer new ways to explore digital or digitized collections. However, how do researchers make use of these newREAD MORE

This month’s topic of our CREATE Salon is ‘Digitizing the Enlightenment‘, with presentations by: Prof. dr. Alicia de Montoya, Mr. dr. Helwi Blom, Rindert Jagersma MA, and dr. Juliette Reboul Middlebrow Enlightenment. Disseminating Ideas, Authors and Texts in Europe (1665-1820) (MEDIATE) MEDIATE is an ERC-funded digital humanitiesREAD MORE

This upcoming session of the Create Digital History Workshop is the second session of a three-part workshop on Geographic Information System (GIS); the digital toolbox for researchers working with geographic and spatial data. The aim of the Mapping Historical Data session is to build a basic understanding of the functionalities ofREAD MORE