The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has granted a PhD-scholarship to our Pre-PhD Fellow Lucas van der Deijl. The project is one of the 20 selected PhD-studies that will be financed from NWO’s fund ‘PhD’s in the Humanities 2017’. Lucas will start his research at the UvA on 1 October 2017, supervised by prof. dr. Lia van Gemert (UvA) and prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch (Meertens KNAW). The proposal was written and prepared at CREATE as part of the project Tracing Philosophical Innovation in Digital text corpora (TOPIC).

The title of the project is: ‘Radical Rumours. A digital reconstruction of the dissemination and translation of Cartesianism and Spinozism in Dutch textual discourse (1640-1720)’. This study will combine computational technologies with close reading in order to analyse the dissemination of new philosophical discourses – Cartesianism and Spinozism in particular – in large Dutch text corpora.