On November’s Friday the 13th, a virtual Hackalod was held: a meeting of Linked (heritage) Data enthusiasts working together on team projects. Because of the covid crisis, the physical meeting that was originally planned could not happen. The purpose of this online meeting was toREAD MORE

This online event was a follow-up to the workshop “Film Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption during the Second World War” (Leuven, 2018) and the “Movie Theatres in Wartime” symposium (June 2020, scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, but due to Covid-19 downsized into an online event).READ MORE

On Thursday 28 May, a group of enthusiasts gathered on Zoom for a Cinema Context datasprint, aimed at cleaning and enriching programming data obtained via automatic extraction from digitised newspapers. For the occasion, a ‘Digifil Editor’ was created, a tool structuring the information that participantsREAD MORE

By Thunnis van Oort   The last Salon of the season was dedicated to Digital Art History. Not the history of digital art, but on various uses of digital methods and data for studying art history. One overarching element in this broad topic was thatREAD MORE

The upcoming CREATE Salon takes place on Thursday 13 December between 3:00-5:00pm, eLab Mediastudies (BG1 room 0,16) Turfdraagsterpad 9, 1012 XT Amsterdam. This month’s topic is text mining, with presentations by Lucas van der Deijl and Kaspar von Beelen. Lucas van der Deijl (UvA): Automatic textREAD MORE

By Mascha van Nieuwkerk   The power of genre Genre is a powerful concept for analyzing and understanding historical concert programming. Notions of genre organize concert programs in two ways. First, they are a means of categorizing works and directing audience expectations. Second, they determineREAD MORE

By Mascha van Nieuwkerk ”Completomania” afflicts opera history.’[1] With this headline De Volkskrant announced the publication of De Annals van de Nederlandse Opera-gezelschappen in 1996, a fifteen-pound heavy book of almost 1300 pages with over five thousand opera productions in the Netherlands in the yearsREAD MORE

By Vincent Baptist Over the last year and a half, I helped out with the development of the CREATE research agenda on the data-driven history of performing arts by setting up an inventory of existing databases within Europe concerning film, theatre and music performances (1600-present).READ MORE