On November’s Friday the 13th, a virtual Hackalod was held: a meeting of Linked (heritage) Data enthusiasts working together on team projects. Because of the covid crisis, the physical meeting that was originally planned could not happen. The purpose of this online meeting was to start working towards an actual face-to-face meeting in Spring 2021. The team that worked on poster collections consisted of Menno den Engelse, Ivo Zandhuis and CREATE members Leon van Wissen and Thunnis van Oort. We were interested to investigate the poster collections that are available online via Dutch heritage institutions, what the status of the metadata was and if we could link the posters in various heritage collections to information on these posters (events, artists, locations, et cetera). We posted first results of our investigation on this online poster wall: https://www.hicsuntleones.nl/plakmuur/ (information in Dutch). A full report is available on the Cinema Context documentation website: https://uvacreate.gitlab.io/cinema-context/cinema-context-rdf/events/hackalod2020/.