The “Théâtre des Arts de Rouen (1882-1940)” dossier is now fully completed more than seven years after its opening in June 2013. This is the third of the four parts of the vast project that Joann Élart and Yannick Simon are devoting to Dezède to repertoire of the Théâtre des Arts in Rouen from its origins to the present day and which currently brings together more than 16,000 events. The first part is dedicated to the first Theater of the Arts inaugurated in 1776 and destroyed by fire in 1876; the second at the Théâtre Lafayette, which served as the institution’s fallback solution between 1876 and 1882; the third to the building inaugurated in 1882 and destroyed during the Second World War; the fourth at the facility opened in 1962 and still in operation to this day.

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