Exciting job opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher working on AI for Cultural Heritage: one year of paid research, 9 months embedded with us at the University of Amsterdam-CREATE and the company Picturae to collaborate on the Iceberg project (automatically digitizing handwritten documents) of the National Archives and 3 months at the Digital Humanities lab of the UNISOB university in Naples, Italy: https://www.unisob.na.it/universita/dopolaurea/assegni/sps08_20210108.pdf

The research aims to promote advanced methods – including Artificial Intelligence (AI) – to both extract and index information from cultural heritage documents and provide effective data to support users and stakeholders of the Creative Cultural Industries (CCI). Semantic analysis tools (optical character recognition and handwriting recognition) allow data to be extracted from images of texts; other tools allow data to be extracted and integrated with the network of intertextual relationships and context. In order to make this data valuable, it is necessary to transform it into analytical metrics and give it back to users in an effective and intelligible way. The activities (to be carried out for 3 months in Italy and 9 months at the “University of Amsterdam” and the Picturae company) will be carried out in collaboration with the “Netherlands National Archives”. The focus will be on the extraction of texts from manuscript sources and on indexing through recognition and intertextual and contextual links. It will include the identification of data to be provided to users and stakeholders in the field of CCI and visualisation through info-view tools.