New Huygens ING/UvA-CREATE project ‘Virtual Interiors’ receives NWO Creative Industries funding

New Huygens ING/UvA-CREATE project ‘Virtual Interiors’ receives NWO Creative Industries funding

The Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has granted Smart Culture – Big Data / Digital Humanities funding of € 625.000 for the project Virtual Interiors as Interfaces for Big Historical Data Research: Spatially enhanced publications of the creative industries of the Dutch Golden Age, by prof. dr. Charles van […]

Digital Art History in Dublin

Digital Art History in Dublin

Johannes Vermeer is currently the most renowned Dutch genre painter. Yet he was only one of many artists who excelled in capturing everyday surroundings in exquisite detail. Even though these painters were active in different Dutch cities, their work bears strong similarities in style, subject […]

Amsterdam Time Machine in Nature News Feature

Nature, the international weekly journal of science, reported last month about the creation of time machines. Especially the Venice Time Machine; the ambitious project aims to digitize 1,000 years of Venetian history. Founder Frédéric Kaplan hopes that Venice is just a starting point. The Venice […]

NIAS Workshop Women Writers in History: national and transnational approaches

Between 2013 and 2016 the European HERA Travelling TexTs project was being carried out in 5 countries – one of those being the Netherlands, more precisely The Hague: Huygens ING. The other countries were the United Kingdom (with the project leader in Glasgow), Finland, Norway […]

Symposium: Pushing the Boundaries of Arts and Culture Studies

We are very pleased to welcome two boundary-defying pioneers on a single stage. Both our distinguished speakers have achieved excellence in their respective disciplines to then cross the traditional divide between art history and social scientific work on arts and culture. Christian Huemer is an […]

PhD Studentship in Digital Humanities

The Department of Information Studies at University College London (UCLDIS) invites competitive applications for a three year fully funded doctoral research studentship in the area of Digital Humanities as part of their Enlightenment Architectures project. Closing date for applications is 31 May 2017. Note that […]

Call for papers for CRDH 2018

The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media invites submissions for the first annual Current Research in Digital History conference. Submissions should offer historical arguments and interpretations rather than showcase digital projects. We anticipate that the format of short presentations will provide an opportunity […]

CREATE is hiring! Two Student Assistants in Digital Theatre History

The Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity and the Department of Media Studies of the Faculty of Humanities are looking for two Student Assistants in the area of theatre history as part of the project Creative Amsterdam: An E-Humanities Perspective (CREATE), supervised by prof. […]

CREATE & GIS in Folia Magazine

In February 2017, CREATE project leader Julia Noordegraaf spoke with Folia Magazine about the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) in humanities research. She explained that ‘by making digital maps with GIS, you can uncover new patterns or relations. Information that you will not find […]

Next Digital History Workshop: GIS #1 From Networks to Maps

Next Digital History Workshop: GIS #1 From Networks to Maps

The next CREATE Digital History Workshop session is the first in a three-part series devoted to Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS is the digital toolbox for researchers working with geographic and spatial data. In this GIS From Networks to Maps session we will examine the interplay of spatial analysis and […]