In this second round, grants will be awarded of between €2.500 and €5.000 per grant, up to a total call budget of €15.000. With a well-developed argument grants higher than €5.000 can be also considered. Grants can be submitted continuously, between now and the final deadline of 15 October 2019. As a source of inspiration, we have broadened the range of examples of possible collaboration types.

Aims and criteria

The Seed Grants are provided to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue between urban scholars in the humanities and in the social sciences, and to stimulate original research in the field of Urban Studies. In particular, we aim to enable exchange and collaborations between researchers from the Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity (ACHI), the Amsterdam Centre for Urban History (ACUH), the ASCA Cities Project and the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS). We especially appreciate proposals building on the ideas developed during the joint network day of January 24th , but are certainly open to any other ideas for collaboration and exchange that might have arisen since.

We believe that collaborations between these two domains can be advantageous in an academic funding landscape that is not only becoming increasingly competitive, but in which the social sciences and humanities are more and more conjoined in grant calls and funding schemes. Moreover, we find that research projects intrinsically strengthen from a combination of the societal imperative that social sciences researchers regard highly and the cultural interest and long-term perspective premised by humanities researchers.


This call is open to all sorts and forms of collaborations between the humanities and social sciences. Examples of activities to be considered for funding include (but are not limited to):

Activities exploring a new collaboration with the other domain, including around ideas emerged at the joint network day e.g.:

A ‘playshop’ or brainstorm session on comparing specific research theories and/or methodologies

An open seminar, as a platform to present and discuss each other’s work

Joint workshops/small network days between different programme groups or disciplines

Outreach projects with the City of Amsterdam or other stakeholders (e.g. public debates, panel discussions);

Activities exploring a collaboration to further develop an already existing project or research theme, such as those of the humanities in context or the 2018-2022 plan of the Centre for Urban Studies , e.g.:

Writing retreats to collectively write a position paper, a research proposal etc.

Seminar series where projects and work are presented

Small scale pilot studies, student assistance, data acquisition, or other activities to support the development of a new joint research line, possibly leading to a research grant application

Activities exploring a collaboration regarding a specific grant application (e.g. NWO/NWA). Recent examples include the NWO Digitalisation Call and the NWA ORC 2019 Call, e.g.:

Brainstorm sessions to get a grant application started

Networking activities to establish a consortium

Writing retreats where the grant application can collectively be written

More examples are conceivable. On the CUS website you can find more inspiring examples of activities funded by seed grants, both smaller and larger. We highly encourage creativity and are therefore very much open to activities and ideas other than those mentioned above. The only, but essential requirement is that the proposed activities enable exchange between urban scholars in the humanities and the social sciences, with an eye on potential future collaboration. Besides financial support, ACHI and CUS will help with the practical organization and communication of the awarded initiatives.

Eligible for Seed Grants are all ACHI and CUS members, as well as groups of applicants including at least one ACHI and CUS member. An important condition is that the proposal is jointly submitted by at least one member of CUS and one member of ACHI. Humanities scholars that are not yet a member of ACHI, through participation in this call automatically join as members. For further information, please contact

How to apply

To be considered for this call, please send a project description of max. 600 words to Proposals can be submitted continuously between now and the final deadline of the 15th of October 2019 17.00. Do note that this call follows a first come first serve principle with regard to proposals that fulfill the below stipulated requirements.

The description should clearly explain:

The immediate and longer-term goal(s) of the project;

How the project adds value to ACHI and CUS, especially in terms of their collaborative potential;

The project’s timeline, including the expected completion date;

How the project’s results or outcomes will be shared with the Urban Studies community in both centers (and possibly beyond);

A detailed project budget.