The call ‘Corona: fast-track data’ is developed by the NWO domains, Applied and Engineering Sciences, Science and Social Sciences and Humanities to collect data that can only be conducted now, during the COVID-19 crisis, and specifically research into issues that arise in society during the crisis.

Collecting systematic survey data on scientists’ information-seeking and information-spreading behaviour in a time of crisis

Dr. G. Colavizza (UvA)

Information is paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic. The WHO has called for action towards the “infodemic”: an overabundance of often unreliable information which creates uncertainty and anxiety. Responses from governments and the public are based on access to reliable information from experts. This project proposes to systematically survey the adapting information-seeking and information-spreading behaviours of scientists working on COVID-19 as the pandemic unfolds, in order to deliver actionable insights and make available otherwise-lost data for future study and preparedness.