This conference will take place at the Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin on 19-20 June 2015. The conference aims to encourage dialogue and collaboration within and between the humanities, digital humanities, economics and social sciences concerning literary and artistic culture and the use of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and information technology and their impact on existing research questions, accepted critical and theoretical paradigms, and historiographies.

The conference will be jointly hosted by the School of English and the Department of Economics, and will take place at the Long Room Hub, TCD. It will build on the work of the 2014 ‘Genius for Sale!’ conference at Wolfson College, Oxford, which explored the economic contexts of cultural production by bringing qualitative and quantitative analyses from different disciplines together.

Diana Greenwald, one of the organisers of the ‘Genius for Sale’ conference, has developed a website that aims to be a hub for people interested in these issues. draws attention to and lists scholars from a number of disciplines working in this area and provides an ever-growing a list of resources and recommended reading.  It serves as a blog for scholars interested in at this interdisciplinary intersection, and it will hopefully serve as the web presence of future conferences–like “Genius for Sale!”–that bring scholars together in person.  You are welcome to contribute your own insights to this growing discussion or add to list of resources in order to help create a centralised platform for research.