We are most pleased to welcome you to our upcoming CREATE Salon on accessibility of VOC Archives. Date: Tuesday, 7th of December, 2021 Time: 15:00 – 16:30 Location: zoom link Language: English Given the new regulations, this event will be entirely virtual now.We look forward to seeing you! This salonREAD MORE

The COVID-19 has had significant social and cultural effects: lockdowns broke social and cultural networks and habits and gave rise to new forms of communication, contact and inspiration. This paper analyses two citizen generated collections of experiences of the pandemic: the ‘Corona in the City’ collection, assembled by theREAD MORE

   Cinema audiences have remained notoriously elusive despite their obvious centrality to the medium’s history. This paper demonstrates that a way to acquire a better sense of cinema going in the silent film era is to investigate the relations between cinema locations, the socio-economic and demographicREAD MORE