Affiliated Projects

Von Uffenbach’s visits. Disclosing the cultural industries of Amsterdam in the early eighteenth century (dr. Bert van de Roemer)

Data-driven Film History: A Demonstrator of EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection (prof. dr. Giovanna Fossati, dr. Jasmijn van Gorp, Christian Olesen MA)

CANAAN: CreAtive Nodes in Amsterdam’s Artefact-actor Networks (CREATE with Amsterdam Museum)

VONDEL: Virtueel ONDErzoeksLaboratorium voor de Gouden Eeuw

ECARTICO. Linking cultural industries in the early modern Low Countries, ca. 1475 – ca. 1725

Metabotnik: A website that helps you to make giant zoomable images, directly from your browser by uploading your images to Dropbox (dr. Paul Dijstelberge)

Geocontexting the Printed World, 1450-1900 (dr. Paul Dijstelberge)

For access to our Zotero digital history library, please contact Claartje Rasterhoff at


Here you find a fairly random selection of  projects, books and sites that we like:

Reassembling the Republic of Letters

The Programming Historian (open-access peer reviewed tutorials for humanists)

The Historian’s Macroscope: Big Digital History (book)

What is digital humanities? (research project on early modern artistic networks)

3D theater. Erfgoed in beeld (dr. Timothy De Paepe)

ERNIE- Encyclopedia Romantic Nationalism in Europe

Video tutorials Nodegoat: web-based data management, network analysis, and visualization

Bookworm (visualizes trends in repositories of digitized texts)

JSTOR Data for Research (search tool on JSTOR content)

Seminar series: New Trends in eHumanities (KNAW)

ORBIS (Google Maps for Antiquity)

Special issue BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review on Digital Humanities and historical research 

Research Network: HNR: Platform for network analysis in the historical disciplines 

Research Network: Discourse Net

Demystifying Networks: Journal of Digital Humanities 2011

Trading consequences (DH Research Project)

Data visualisation: Jan Willem Tulp

Hypercities: thick mapping in the digital humanities

Media Nola: mapping urban culture: the case of New Orleans

Going to the show (early movies and movie going in North Carolina)

App: Time travel: Amsterdam in 1600

App: De culturele Kalverstraat

Site: Utrecht Town Hall through the ages