prof. dr. L.W.M. (Rens) Bod (Principal Investigator Theme 1: Computational analysis and visualization of historical data)

Rens Bod is director of the Centre for Digital Humanities, VICI-laureate and leading specialist in computational and digital humanities.
T: 0205256086
T: 0205256051

prof. dr. E.M.P. (Lia) van Gemert (Principal Investigator Theme 2: The cultural industry of Amsterdam in the Golden Age)

Lia van Gemert is director of the Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age and an internationally recognized expert on the dynamic role of literature and literary life in Early Modern societies.
T: 0205254574

prof. dr. J.T. Leerssen (Principal Investigator Theme 3: Europe’s cultural industries in the long 19th century)

Joep Leerssen, Spinoza-laureate and Academy Professor, leads the Study Platform for Interlocking Nationalisms (SPIN) that charts the cultural and historical root system of European nationalisms in the ‘long 19th century’ (1770-1914).
T: 0205252605
T: 0205252280

prof. dr. J.J. (Julia) Noordegraaf (Project Leader and Principal Investigator Theme 4: Amsterdam’s creative industries in the 20th and 21st centuries)

Julia Noordegraaf is director of the Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity, former NIAS fellow and an internationally recognized expert on audiovisual and digital heritage.
T: 0205257279

ir. J. (Jaap) Kamps (Principal Investigator Theme 5: Data retrieval and analysis in the cultural heritage domain)

Jaap Kamps is a VIDI-laureate and internationally recognized expert in Information Retrieval.
T: 0205253011
T: 0624371640

prof. dr. J. (James) Symonds (Principal Investigator Theme 6: 4D Research: The spatial configurations of a creative city)

James Symonds is professor of Historical Archaeology (North of the Alps). James Symonds’s research focuses on the archaeology of the modern world (c.AD 1450-present) and includes work on capitalism, colonialism, landscapes of improvement and diaspora, urban and industrial archaeology, and the archaeology of poverty.
T: 0205255830

prof. dr. M. (Maarten) de Rijke (Collaborating Investigator Themes 1-6)

Maarten de Rijke is full professor of Information Processing and Internet in the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam and leader of the Information and Language Processing Systems group, one of the world’s leading academic research groups in information retrieval.
T: 0205255358
T: 0205257461