The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam is looking for an interdisciplinary PhD researcher in the area of innovating cross media research on public debates!

The PhD candidate will part of the TwiXL. TwiXL is an interdisciplinary project which aims to develop an infrastructure that enables SSH researchers to systematically examine current and emerging public debates on crucial societal issues in the Netherlands.

Together with a postdoc in this project, the PhD candidate will develop proof-of-concept research projects on prominent societal issues (2020-2025), drawing on Dutch language collections of social media and web data—Twitter, YouTube, blogs, websites — radio and television broadcasts and newspaper reports. Combining hyperlink and comparative content analysis, these collections enable innovative cross-media research on issues such as refugees & migration, MeToo, and climate change. This research will produce infrastructural requirements and demonstration scenarios and tutorials for other SSH researchers as well as academic publications of the results. In addition, you will contribute to building the Twi-XL infrastructure in close collaboration with developers from SURFSara, KB and NISV. This infrastructure will enable cross-media research through customised Jupyter notebooks.

To learn more about this position, see the vacancy here.

Please note:

Proficiency in Dutch is a must, given that the data is Dutch Twitter.

Deadline for application: 8th November, 2021!