AntConc / Mallet / OpenRefine 

Below you will find a set of nine tutorials (in Dutch), meant for beginners who want to start working with the well-known text mining tools AntConc and Mallet. Also included are tutorials explaining the basics of how to work with the command line, how to write simple scripts, and how to clean up your dataset with the open source application OpenRefine.

This series was created and produced by Tim Veldt, who joined the CREATE team as a research intern in the spring semester of 2016. As part of his internship, Tim tested the use of computational tools in historical text analysis, working on a dataset of early 20th century newspaper collections of the Dutch Royal Library (Delpher). This work contributed to an MA-thesis research project on technological future visions in the Netherlands in the interwar period (1919-1939), conducted at the History Department of the University of Amsterdam.

01. Commandline     02. Script-I       03. Script-II       04. AntConc-I       05. AntConc-II 
06. AntConc-III      07. Mallet-I       08. Mallet-II       09. OpenRefine


Below you will find a handout for working with the popular tool for Network Analysis Gephi. The handout was created by Julia Noordegraaf, Karel Dibbets, and Kathleen Lotze, as part of a workshop on Network Analysis in Cinema Context, the online research environment for Dutch film culture in the 20th century.

For a link to the handout (in pdf) click here


The Digital City 

Spatial analysis: GIS

Below you will find a series of tutorials for beginners who are willing to work with Geographical Information System (GIS) to analyze and visualize historical information on a map. This series was created by Weixuan Li for the Master’s course ‘De Digitale Stad’ which was first offered in Fall 2017 at the University of Amsterdam. In these tutorials, you will find step-by-step instructions from installation, to simple visualization of values, to advanced interpolation of historical data using 16th-century Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam as an example.

DigitaleStad HandleidingGIS deelA
DigitaleStad HandleidingGIS deelB

3D reconstruction: Sketch Up

In the following tutorials, you will find an introduction to the 3D reconstruction of historical buildings in Sketch Up, which include detailed instructions for beginners to become familiar with this software and to create a reconstruction of a canal house in the end. These tutorials were made by Weixuan Li also for the Master’s course ‘De Digitale Stad’, with the support from CREATE.

DigitaleStad Handleiding3D deelA
DigitaleStad Handleiding3D deelB
DigitaleStad Handleiding3D deelC