By Mascha van Nieuwkerk   The power of genre Genre is a powerful concept for analyzing and understanding historical concert programming. Notions of genre organize concert programs in two ways. First, they are a means of categorizing works and directing audience expectations. Second, they determineREAD MORE

Last Tuesday CREATE researchers Mascha van Nieuwkerk and Leonor Álvarez Francés attracted quite a crowd with their presentations on program data in the performing arts. In a basement in the PC Hoofthuis, jam-packed with historians, theatre experts, programmers and information specialists, they jointly presented their datasetsREAD MORE

By Mascha van Nieuwkerk In musicology, the emergence of the ‘New Musicology’ or Cultural Musicology caused a broadening of the disciplinary focus to include the role of performers and musical consumers (audiences, critics, institutions, tastemakers) in shaping musical culture. Previously neglected print sources such asREAD MORE