The acronym DODH stands for Dutch Overview Digital Humanities, a digital resource that aims to map teaching and research activities related to Digital Humanities. These activities have been initiated and are ongoing in the Netherlands. DODH consists of two components:

  1. A Course Registry with an overview of Digital Humanities teaching activities in European countries. The course locations (i.e. cities) are displayed in Google maps and one may set one particular country as default. For Dutch speaking countries it covers courses in the Netherlands and Flanders. The Course Registry is part of an EC-wide DARIAH-resource.

  2. A Project Registry with an overview of accomplished Digital Humanities Projects in the Netherlands or international projects in which a Dutch university or research institute has participated.

DODH has been funded as a pilot project funded by CLARIAH (DARIAH_NL), and is now being executed byCREATE, UvA, in collaboration with ICT services at University of Utrecht, and the KNAW (DANS and eHumanities group). DARIAH DE, the University of Cologne and the University of Göttingen have also support the project. Until 2016, DODH was situated at the Erasmus Studio, Erasmus University Rotterdam,