Project Cornelia/ Coral is an international and interdisciplinary research project supported by the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) and the Fund for Scientific Research-Flanders (FWO-Vlaanderen). The project focuses on “the coral reef of culture” (Gombrich) as it was developed in 17th-century Antwerp and Brussels. Thus, the project studies the interplay between social dynamics/ networks on the one hand, and artistic developments on the other. The project’s PI is Koenraad Brosens (History of Art, KU Leuven).

You are an outstanding young sociologist, historian or art historian eager to upgrade your fresh master’s degree from a European or American university with a PhD dissertation. Your interest in Flemish baroque painting and tapestry zeroes in on the socio-economic dimension of art worlds – on the dynamics of social structure underpinning creative communities and industries. You are a strong believer in archival research, but you realize that finding data and arranging data into a database are just the first steps leading to a thorough analysis of the dataset. That is why you are familiar with the conceptual-theoretical framework of (historical) social network analysis and the digital tools enabling and supporting network visualization and computation. You like to learn from others and like to share your knowledge with others. And so you will be able to develop Project Cornelia in close collaboration with two other PhD students (an art historian and a digital humanist/ historian).

Doctoraatsbursaal, 100%, 1 year (3x renewable)

Please send your cv, letter of motivation and at least one glowing letter of recommendation to