Marion Pluskota (Leiden University)

Thursday 20 February, 15:30-17:00, BH/OIH E1.02

Marion Pluskota will discuss the mapping of crime in the past and what it tells us about the gendered use of urban space. Criminologists have only rarely tested the relationship between urban space and criminal behaviour in historical contexts, when social segregation, consumption patterns, means of transport and urban design were widely different from today. This presentation will showcase the results of a project based at the Institute for History at Leiden University on urban crime in the nineteenth century. It questions the role of urban design, such as large thoroughfares, cul-de-sacs, shared courtyards and canals, in the shaping of crime patterns and contrast it with the use of the urban landscape by the inhabitants, in order to highlight potential differences between men and women in crime history.

The seminar is followed by drinks at a nearby venue, all are welcome. More info: