3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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In this Salon, we discuss how historical knowledge about the management of urban challenges in the past is a potential source of inspiration to design sustainable solutions for the future. We do so with speakers from the Amsterdam Time Machine, Arcam (Architecture Center Amsterdam), and the Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) of Jena. The three partners have collaborated at the pilot project ‘Living with water in Amsterdam’, which aims to collect, analyse, and visualize historical data on water in the city. The project has materialised in an exhibition at Arcam showcasing interactive installations of the past, present, and future of Amsterdam’s relation with water in the Kattenburg area. The FSU Jena has made available a semi-automated pipeline and VR application to visualize historical image-based reconstructions of disappeared buildings.

We will follow up with further information on the speakers, zoom links!