Cinema in context

This project maps the literature on New Cinema History and Digital Techniques, and analyses the Cinema Context database, a historical data collection for cinema culture that has originally been developed as part of the research project ‘Cinema, modern life and cultural identity, 1896-1940’, financed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NWO … Read more >>

Cinema Parisien 3D
The project collaborates on building a 3D visualisation of Cinema Parisien, one of the first permanent cinema theatres in Amsterdam, established in 1910 by cinema owner and distributor Jean Desmet (1875-1956) … Read more >>

CINEMAPS: A data-driven investigation of cinema markets in The Netherlands and Flanders (1950-1975)
The project aims to map cinema markets in the Netherlands and Flanders in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s in a comparative study, combining a geospatial analysis of cinema density in both areas with data on pillarization, class and the organization and economics of the industry … Read more >>

 DIGIFIL: DIGItal Film Listings
The project aims to digitise and publish the Dutch “Filmladders” (the weekly listings of movie showtimes at local cinema theatres or other venues) … Read more >>