Trier University: September 28 – October 1, 2015
University of Luxembourg: October 2 – 3, 2015

Application deadline: August 17th 2015

Notification of acceptance: August 24th 2015

Registration deadline: August 31st 2015

Call for participation: here

A new addition to the International Digital Humanities Training Network, the 2015 Digital Humanities Autumn School hosted by Trier University and the University of Luxembourg offers an interdisciplinary introduction to and a methodological assessment of established and evolving DH practices, methods, and tools. The Autumn School will welcome more than twenty experts from research institutions in England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland, who represent a wide range of disciplines and academic profiles within the Digital Humanities.

During the past decades, digital technology has permeated the reading, writing, research, publication and storage platforms of humanities scholarship. As Jan Christoph Meister (2012) summarizes this phenomenon, the digital is becoming the lingua franca of the humanities. The digital humanities have emerged on the academic stage to practice all of the humanist inflections of this new lingua franca – from philology to the arts – by employing digital methods in a collaborative interdisciplinary framework. The harnessing of technology to develop novel methodological approaches to humanist research has been hailed by some members of the academic community for its galvanizing potential, but it has also raised important ideological concerns. The “Methodological Intersections” theme of the Autumn School aims to respond to recent calls for greater critical self-reflection and accountability both by digital humanists and by those scholars who remain skeptical of the contribution of digital methodologies to the qualitative questions of the humanities.