Savery-Schouwburg-IIwebOn the 29th of August 2015, Kim Jautze, Leonor Álvarez Francés and Frans Blom presented at  at the Conference  “Werkgroep voor de Zeventiende Eeuw” in Nijmegen on an article they have written for the journal De Zeventiende Eeuw. In this article, which will be published in December 2015 issue, the authors examine the translation process of Spanish plays for the Amsterdamse Schouwburg in the Golden Age. In order to gain more insight in the production process, the authors combined qualitative and quantitative analyses on the basis of the dataset ONSTAGE. For more on this dataset and research outcomes, please read this article by Kim Jautze for the eMagazine of the KNAW eHumanities group. The database will be made available through CREATE.