‘Cinema, Memory and the Community’ – First free workshop – 15th December

Registration now open – Travel bursaries available

This project, funded by the British Academy, will use two free workshops and a dedicated online portal to bring together academics, public groups and private businesses interested in the ways cinemas sit within and recur throughout our memories. It will build a new network of interested partners, inspire future collaborations and support the exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Two workshops, on 15th December 2016 and 23rd February 2017, will offer the first opportunities for such broad-based dialogue and collaboration in the emerging field of cinema memories. Participants who are working in this area, or who are interested in it as a future possibility for their work, are very welcome to join us.

As the project develops, its website will become an online hub for cinema memories work, collecting sample documents from existing projects and training videos, while also offering an online forum where information can be shared and questions answered. It is hoped that, as the website evolves, it will support, facilitate and inspire the collection of cinema memories by an increasing range of people, both within and beyond our universities.

Further details of the project and links to sign up to attend the workshops are available here: http://www.cinemamemories.org

Travel bursaries are available to support those who would otherwise not be able to attend. Details and an application form can be found here: http://cinemamemories.org/Workshops/bursaries.html