CREATE is short for Creative Amsterdam: An E-Humanities Perspective, a research programme established in 2014. We are based at the department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Our project integrates research on historical cultural industries and research in the field of digital humanities. We investigate how cultural industries have shaped Amsterdam’s unique position in a European and global context, from the seventeenth century until the present day. In doing so, we collect data on the various cultural sectors of Amsterdam, link and enrich datasets, and develop novel search, and analysis tools.

What we do

We MAP and ANALYSE the history of Amsterdam’s creative and cultural industries. From its famous Golden Age into the present. In their regional, national and international context.

We DEVELOP a heuristic framework with which we can study the relationship between cities and their cultural or creative development. We  call this the Linked Cultural Events (LCE) approach (for the time being).

We BUILD new datasets and ENRICH existing ones.

We EXPLORE the possibilities and limitations of computational techniques and methods, such as textmining, network analysis, 3D visualizations and GIS mapping.

We REGISTER Dutch Digital Humanities projects in an online database called DODH.

We ORGANISE events in which we present ongoing research from both within and outside the CREATE project (monthly Salon); test new and existing digital methods and techniques (monthly Digital History Workshop); and share experiences and results (seminars and conferences).

We FOSTER new research projects and partnerships.

We PUBLISH our results, preferably online, in open access.